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微信红包快乐十分规则:Poland Q326 tumble belt shot blasting machine

1, track end disc diameter: diameter of 650mm;
2, track end plate speed: 3.6r/min;
3, by the maximum workpiece weight: 10kg;
4, the drum maximum load (easy rolling piece): 200kg;
5, productivity: 600-1200 kg/h.
6, shot blasting machine:
Speed: 2400r/min;
The impeller diameter: diameter of 248mm;
Shot blasting capacity: 120 kg/ min;
Shot blasting machine power: 7.5kw;
7, cleaner air: 2000m 3 /n
8, the total installed capacity: 12.67kw;
9, the machine dimensions: (L * w * h): 1400 x 1250 x 3538 mm.

快乐十分钟 Note: general every minute to clean parts surface area than 0.25 square meters, the diameter of projectile is: (0.8-1.2 mm)



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